Electric propulsion is almost as old as the industrial revolution. The first electric boat was demonstrated in 1839. The batteries were a challenge and when diesel and gasoline were introduced they took over the market with their superior energy density. The internal combustion engine (ICE) had many flaws compared to the electric motor, but the range that carbon-based energy carries could provide, could not be matched by the batteries at the time.

In recent decades, batteries have become increasingly durable and strong, opening up a wave of products that now can operate independently of other power sources for significant periods.

Electric propulsion for boats has again started to appear on lakes, waterways, and oceans and the numbers are rapidly increasing. Presently these are mainly small low voltage systems for slow displacement hulls.

Evoy will move electric propulsion into faster planing hull boats. The range is still lower than for comparable ICE installations, but will be sufficient for many.

Users will enjoy voyages without noise, smell, pollution and breakdowns. The significantly lower maintenance and usage cost will give owners peace of mind to use their boats like they should – every day.

Designed for fast boats


Leif's main interests and hobbies since young have been boats and ocean. This led him into a marine career as a fish farmer, fisherman, seaman, merchant navy officer and Master Mariner.

Leif A. Stavøstrand


Serial Entrepreneur and Inventor. Started and sold several companies and developed a range of products for maritime use.

Gunnar Stavøstrand

Founder, CSO

Audun grew up on the island Radøy, close to the sea, and has always enjoyed boats. He is passionate about all technology but at the same time loves nature.

Audun Magne Askeland


Solveig is from Florø and has extensive experience from aquaculture within areas as practical and administrative operation of farming locations, quality management, sales and purchasing.

Solveig Willis

Sales and Marketing Manager

Terje is an authorized accountant with experience in leadership and Human Rersources. He is an enthusiastic kayaker, climber and mountan hiker both summer and winter.

Terje Grøneng

Finance Manager

Sten is born and raised in Evoys hometown Florø and graduated as an Automation Engineer in 1997. He has many years experience building industrial automation

Sten Ingve Hellevang

Senior System Developer

Ola has a Master of Science in engineering within the field of cybernetics and robotics.

Ola Øren

System Developer

XiaoKang Zhou grew up in Jiangsu outside Shanghai in China. She got her Bachelor in Machine Engineering from University of Technology in Jiangsu.

XiaoKang Zhou

Electrical Engineer

Ingebjørg Giil has international experience with 7 years from wine export in Australia.

Ingebjørg Giil

Marketing Coordinator


Picture of Evoy board member Anne Mari Sunndal Bøe

Anne-Mari Sunndal Bøe is CFO in Fjord1, Norway’s largest ferry company. She has wide experience from various industries, positions and boards. She has a Master in Economics from NHH, Bergen, Norway.
Core Contribution: Strategy, Finance, IPO, Stock Market, Boards

Anne-Mari Sunndal Bøe

CFO, Fjord1

Picture of Evoy board member Jenny Carenco

Jenny is Lundin Foundations rep. in the board and have long experience as serial entrepreneur, investor and board member. MBA from the HEC School of Mangement in Paris.
Core Contribution: Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Investment, Boards

Jenny Carenco

CEO, Prosper Social Impact, Sweden

Picture of Evoy board member Knud Lorentzen

Knud has been a partner in Wikborg for the past 34 years, Rein & CO, Bergen largest Law firm. He has practically had experience with most sides of Law but has specialised in Business Law. Holds numbers of Board positions.
Core Contribution: Strategy, Law, Business Development, Boards

Knud Lorentzen

Independent Lawyer

Picture of Evoy board member Roger Flølo

Roger is a partner at Fjord Invest, and a board member for Pinovo, Havkraft, Beat and Østerbø Maskin. He has worked as a consultant at Hafslund ASA, the Dep. of Industrial Ownership and Managing Director of Hafslund Telekom.Roger is educated as a civil engineer.
Core Contribution: Strategy, Engineering, Growth, Boards

Roger Flølo

Partner, Fjord Invest


Core contribution: Branding, Communication, Finance, Boards

Siren Sundland

COO – Sparebanken Vest

Core contribution: Finance, Leisure Boating, Boards

Thor Christian Bringedal

CEO – Frydenbø Marine

Core contribution: Supercharging, Leisure Boating

Bjørn Følling

Prosjektutvikler, BKK

Core contribution: Software, Growth

Per Christian Engdal

CFO& Co-founder SensEye

Core contribution: Marketing, Growth

Beate Grønnevik

CMO – INC Group

Core contribution: Strategy, Growth, Business Development

Knut Eikeland

COB – Kinn Bryggeri, Brødrene Larsen, SensEye

Core contribution: Logistics, Energy, Business Management

Kari Bjørbæk

Base Manager – Equinor at Fjord Base

Core contribution: Electric and Mechanical Engineering, Commercial Boating, Entrepreneurship

Marius Dyrseth

CTO – Marine Switchboard

Core contribution: Software, Growth, Exit, Yachting

Ivar Presttun


Core contribution: Fish farming, Leisure Boating

Sturle Bjorøy

Captain – Artic Fjord


2014 - 2016
2018 Q1
2018 Q2
2018 Q3
2018 Q4
2019 Q1
2019 Q2
2019 Q3
2019 Q4
Idea for Electric Propulsion
Market Analysis and Observation
Founders Decide To Go For It
Evoy Established
Team and Strategy
Market Analysis and Funding
Suppliers, Partners and Investors
2 x Private Placements NOK 3,75 mil. and Katapult Ocean Accelerator Program
Demo Boat Installed with Evoy System & Evoy Wins SPIR 2019
Evoy1 baptised by PM Erna Solberg. First sales secured. Winner of "100 Pitched" by DNB.
Unofficial World Record of 55 Knots. National Winner in Best Newcomer and Best Hardware. 8,5 MNOK in investors.
Delivery Inboard G1 start Q2. Worlds first Supercharger (+150 kw) for boats in Florø Q2. Autonomy stage 1.
115 hp Outboard. European deliveries start. Supercharging Network rollout Norway.
200 hp Outboard. Massive R&D and ramp up. North American deliveries.
Generation 2 Inboard / Outboard. Autonomy stage 2. Oceania delivery.
Solid State battery First Generation. Asia Delivery.
Generation 3 Inboard / Outboard. Autonomy Stage 3.